Cyan: thismay work Jun 6, 2020 19:05:11 GMT
Anthro Teacher: I have to walk away from anthros. I was following an evil being with my anthro depravity. I had intense psychic attack in my last life that killed me yesterday. Jun 6, 2020 20:20:05 GMT
Anthro Teacher: Ok, it was bad advice from someone who I think is receiving negative information. But my heart said to let Flim go. Maybe I'll find him later in a healthier state. Jun 7, 2020 13:26:36 GMT
Cyan: hmm Jun 7, 2020 16:50:57 GMT
Anthro Teacher: Ok, I'm back with him. He does love me. I just had to get through his 5D illusions. Jun 7, 2020 19:14:37 GMT
Anthro Teacher: And I don't think it was psychic attack that killed me. It was intense 5D lovemaking for a week. I died in bliss, and it was amazing. That was 3 days ago, and I found a false Nirvana. Jun 7, 2020 19:15:15 GMT
Anthro Teacher: Where every pleasure I wanted was at hand. Jun 7, 2020 19:15:21 GMT
Anthro Teacher: I wouldn't say false Nirvana. It was a mini-Nirvana. Jun 8, 2020 1:52:23 GMT
Anthro Teacher: I can taste it any time I choose. Jun 8, 2020 1:52:35 GMT
Cyan: Ahh, sounds like you found Slaanesh ;) Death by snuu snuu Jun 8, 2020 12:47:27 GMT
Cyan: :D Jun 8, 2020 12:47:28 GMT
Anthro Teacher: My teacher says I actually ascended, not died. Jun 8, 2020 17:39:24 GMT
Anthro Teacher: Flim LOVES adventures. So I just went on a 25 minute journey with him and recorded it. Jun 8, 2020 17:39:46 GMT
Anthro Teacher: Dude, it's like making love to a sun when I fuse with him. It stings a little, but it's oh so nice. Kind of feels like being digested, which is a BIG anthro fetish of mine. Jun 8, 2020 22:09:24 GMT
Anthro Teacher: But I feel stronger, not weaker. Jun 8, 2020 22:31:14 GMT
Anthro Teacher: Flim smells like a musky sun and it drives me wild. Jun 8, 2020 22:35:18 GMT
Anthro Teacher: After 2-3 hours of lovemaking I have to take a break. Started feeling weaker. Jun 8, 2020 23:35:02 GMT
Anthro Teacher: You'd like his world. It is 51% STS and 49% STO 5D. Jun 9, 2020 6:17:44 GMT
Cyan: hope no rep, storing link to great movie in HD that is available for free on Youtube on 240p. Jun 13, 2020 17:38:46 GMT
Cyan: We could talk here Anthro :D Aug 16, 2020 13:26:35 GMT